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Riddles & Jokes
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Welcome to our collection of riddles and jokes. Enjoy fun, silly, and clean riddles and jokes. Increase your brain power too. Share them with young ones to tickle their tummies. Share with older ones for a chuckle anytime. Before you know it, everyone will realize, life isn't all what it's cracked up to be if you're not cracking up.

monkey for Kids Circle Riddles & Jokes

Q:  What do you call a sleeping relative?

A:  A napkin.

Q: What do you call a seagull that flies over a bay?


A:  A bagel.


Q: Why are letter As like flowers?

A:  Because Bs come after them.

Q:  What do you call a snail on a ship?

A:  A snailor.


Q:  Why was Cinderalla so bad at soccer?

A:  She kept running away from the ball.

Q:  What makes fish so different than a piano?

A:  You can't tun-a fish, but you can tune a piano.

Q:  Out of all sports, which one would a baby be good at?

A:  Basketball, because a baby is very good at dribbling.

Q:  When is a stick like a king?

A:  When it's like a ruler.

Q:  Why did a lady put lipstick on her forehead instead of her lips?

A:  Because she wanted to make up her mind.

Q: What three keys won't open any kind of door.

A:  A don-key, a mon-key, and a tur-key.



Joke #1

A brother screamed when he bumped his toe into the coffee table. His sister asked, "Do you want me to call a tow truck?"

Joke #2

A man decided to apply for a job hanging mirrors because that's something he can see himself doing.


Joke #3


The plant enthusiast noticed someone's been adding soil to their garden. So, the plot thickens!


Joke #4
The lettuce kept busy all day and everyday. Every where it looked it kept seeing the celery. One day the lettuce got so fed up, and told the celery to stop stalking it.

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