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Product Description 

Buy glass magnets and save BIG! Magnets can be used on fridge, whiteboards, and other metal surfaces. Magnets fixate well to multiple sheets of paper. Home or office use. Each set of 12 magnets make an excellent small gift choice.


  • Motivational Magnets: Great positive boosters that feature motivational quotes or sayings. What a great gift for encouraging those you care about!
  • Life Tree Magnets: Unique and creative! All have imagination tree patterns and strong flat magnets in back.

Item Specifications

  • Orig. Value: $26. Save: $6.
  • Size/Dimension: approx. 4 cm/ 1.57 inch in diameter, proper size to use 1.57" diameter. 12 Magnets.
  • Material/Design: Motivational Magnets: K5 Glass. Strong magnetic. Smooth & durable surface. Inspirational quotes. By Outus. Life Tree: Round Crystal Glass. Strong magnetic. Tree Designs. By COSOW.
  • Care Instructions: *Glass—Handle with Care. Wipe clean with damp/or dry cloth.
  • Quantity: Limit 3. Sorry, bulk pricing not available for this item. We reserve the right to limit quantities.


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