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Product Description 

A greeting card is one of the best ways to say I love you, and a handmade card is even better. Much more personal with its unique, well though-out design. Embellished with stitched flower patches and around the edges a foil pressed border design. The text, I Love You, on front cover is foiled pressed in red. Matching coral envelope included.


Item Specifications

  • Size/Dimension: 5" x 7.75".
  • Material/Design: Embossed. Foiled Press. Embellished with special craft, such as plaid heart and silver band. A reflective card for more. Coral envelope.
  • Inside Verse: I Think Of Your Smile, Your Loving Way. The Joy You Bring To Every Day... An In My Heart There's Just No Doubt, That You are Just What Love's About.
  • Care Instructions: Best to keep card in cello wrap sleeve until ready to give.
  • Quantity: Limit 3. Sorry bulk pricing not available for this item. We reserve the right to limit quantities.




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I Love You Card - Handmade

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