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Product Description 

An air of elegance in a rainbow of color with s special champagne flute set. Enjoy sensational festive style reflections. Artfully crafted with angled-rim and vivid color. Beautifully designed! Get a surprise free gift with this item!


Item Specifications

  • Size/Dimension: 10.8" H. 1.9" width.
  • Material/Design: Crystal glass. Angled Rim. Rainbow color.
  • Care Instructions: Handwash only. Handle with care.
  • Quantity: Limit 3. Sorry, bulk pricing not available for this item. We reserve the right to limit quantities.


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Rainbow Angled-Rim Champagne Flute Set

  • If you would like this item gift wrapped, be sure to select "Yes" in the drop-down list, and we'll gladly wrap this item for you! The Rainbow Angled-Rim Champagne Flute Set will be delivered to you wrapped in acid free tissue paper in a 100% recycled white gloss gift box. For a personal touch, attached is a blank gift tag so you can write your own message. The cost for your gift-wrapped item is $3.50.


    All gift-wrapped items are packaged appropriately for secured shipping and delivery.

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