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Product Description

A unique & lovely gift for a friend. The impressive hand-painted resin word figurine features intricately sculpted whimsical details. The word, Friends, sits in grass accompany by flowers and a butterfly overhead capturing the beauty of the springtime season.


Item Specifications

  • Size/Dimension: 6.3" L x 1" D x 4.9" H.
  • Material/Design: Hand-painted solid resin figurine/sculpture by Deb Strain. From Blossom Bucket.
  • Care Instructions: Handle with care. Generally, wipe clean with a dry cloth. Damp cloth when needed.
  • Quantity: Limit 3. Sorry, bulk pricing not available for this item. We reserve the right to limit quantities.


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Resin Word Figurine - Friends

SKU: VGR-312
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